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Regardless whether the land acquisition or construction of real estate in Poland is for you a dream coming true or a business investment thought-over, we are here to help you perform this process from beginning to end.


Who we are

We are an assistant to foreign investors and a substitute investor. We have extensive experience in the implementation of various types of investments conducted on behalf of foreign entities, and therefore we are aware what is needed to solve all the problems faced by foreign investors who want to buy land or build a property in Poland.


How we can help you?

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive support - we assist, advise and support investors at all stages of investment such as: the purchase of land or either the purchase, construction or lease of real estates.


How we operate

1.Contact us and tell us about your plans.
2. We will analyze your situation and explain what help you need to put your plans into life.
3.We will evaluate individual stages and present the result to you for approval.
4. We will develop the investment implementation plan, and then, thoroughly discuss it with you.
5. We will sign an appropriate agreement.
6. We will pass over to the implementation phase, during which you will be consulted on a regular basis on any action to be taken.


The benefits of cooperating with us

1. The certainty that your investment will be completed within the deadline.
2. Correctness of the investment from the legal and administrative points of view and in terms of construction and fiscal law.
3. Exactly the same prices, as those for Polish investors.
4. Help in solving any problems that you may encounter at different stages of the investment.



Our offers:  

Choosing the right plot of land

The law related to the purchase of land in Poland by foreign investors is restrictive, making difficult the attempts at independent search for a suitable plot. In our offer, we present you a piece of land or a real estate, which meets all the legal requirements to purchase or lease by foreign individuals..  

Analysis of the investment area

We analyze each area designated for a planned investment at the angle of:

• its legal status,
• planning situation,
• conservation protection, if any,
• availability of utilities (water, sewer, gas, electricity),
• road accessibility,
• geotechnical engineering,
• environmental protection.

Architectural design

We cooperate with renowned architects and utilities designers: constructors, installers, electricians, etc., whose task is to develop a comprehensive construction project.


All formalities

It is our task to obtain on behalf of our investors all permits, decisions, opinions and approvals
necessary to begin construction works. Those are:

• zoning decision,
• decision on environmental conditions,
• building permit.

Supervision of implementation

We conduct a comprehensive supervision of all project phases under the responsibility of substitute investor.


We solve all the problems you might encounter during the implementation of the investment, involving:

• legal
• administrative
• building
• and tax issues.

Contact us

You are invited to contact us in German, English, or Polish.  All questions will be answered. We will suggest the best solutions. You will get the help, ensuring the investment will be implemented.